California Hikes: Joshua M. Hardt Memorial Trail

July 13, 2020
Joshua M. Hardt Memorial Trail
Joshua M. Hardt Memorial Trail, Tahoe National Forest

Distance: 4.0 miles
Elevation Gain: 433 feet
Difficulty: Easy
39.1335° 120.7939°

We set out for this trail at about 8 AM with clear skies. The summers here in California can get hot, so it's always a good idea to plan hikes when it's a bit shadier out. First things first, this is a great family trail. I loved it almost entirely until there was pavement guiding us a majority of the way. Something is unsettling about walking in an area 100% made out for you, but that's just me. I like a good natural trail, not an entirely laid out concrete path. It's nice being somewhere that isn't too touched up or altered by humans.

This is a beginner trail, so I completely understand why there's a lot of guided pavement everywhere. There's also a lot of great swimming spots. If you have a kayak, the best spot is probably dead center of the lake to really take in the full view of the place. Without stopping, this can easily be hiked in about 25-30 minutes.

Hike: C
View: B-
Hot People: D

It wasn't really much of a hike for me, so I give it C grade. The view was pretty nice, so it saves this place a little bit at a B- grade. There weren't many hot people on this trail, so I'd give it a D in that grading portion. Honestly, there weren't many people at all, so I guess that's a good thing considering the Big C (COVID-19).

I'd recommend this hike for first-time hikers. There's a lot of benches set up in different spots, which make great for picnics. There are also some accessible camp spots, but I'd double-check with google on that to see if you need a reservation or anything. Overall, this hike was okay. I think someone like my mom would enjoy it because of its flat terrain with a pleasant breeze if you come at the right time. It doesn't feel like 4 miles at all. I can definitely see myself coming back out here.

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To All The People That Think Black Lives Matter Is Dumb

June 5, 2020
It has come to my attention that some of my Republican friends think that protesting during this Black Lives Matter movement is dumb. Now, I can't differentiate if they think protesting is dumb, or if black people wanting equal rights is dumb. Either way, I can't stay silent.

Protesting is a part of our First Amendment – "freedom of speech." It wasn't always so free, this "freedom of speech." Some of your grandfathers, and their fathers before them, have fought wars for our right to speak our minds and to not allow for others to hinder our speech. For some, it has cost us the lives of our loved ones. Let it be known that those Americans will never be forgotten. Their courage and strength made it possible for our right to speak today as we please. 

Veterans were not the only ones that fought for our rights, but Africans during the Civil Rights movement and the Civil War. A shameful amount of lives were lost from the Civil Rights movement, 41 lives on record to be exact. In the Civil War, we lost approximately 750,000 lives. This of course was before the social media that exists today, so you could imagine that the number is much higher. The grips of the KKK suppressed those rights of our African brothers and sisters. For some of my history buffs, you know that "Black Wallstreet" was burned to the ground in retaliation of African Americans attaining some rights in this country. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and Muhammad Ali faced horrendous racism. Some of those brothers lost their lives fighting the good fight. At one point, our government even declared these brothers most wanted on FBI lists for having the audacity to speak against the injustices that we call racism.
Racism hasn't died. Sadly that racism is still deeply rooted and present in our lives years after our ancestors fought for our freedom. To be honest, it may never go away. Oh, but "blacks kill each other more", or "more whites die from police brutality". Not like this. These murders have a common theme as they did in the past. Today, we still see our black brothers dying the same as they did 60 years ago. Whether that's from police brutality or ill armed white shooters, there's not much of a difference between the methods of killing. From lynching to sticking your knee on a black man's neck, it is utterly stupid as fuck to ignore that African Americans are still treated as lesser. I can get into all types of black oppression, from the war on drugs to voter fraud, but I won't get into that right now.

The amount of times I have heard white folk call blacks "nigger" in the past couple of days is outright disgusting. In this Trump era, we have allowed racists to feel comfortable in being racist and roam freely in their skin. It's almost as if they finally unmasked themselves after all these years. That doesn't sit right with me. It shouldn't sit right with you. The sad thing is, it's not just any whites, but it's also our law enforcement. No one is above the law, but it sure doesn't feel that way. Our law enforcement in blue has far too much protection from the law. Yes, the officers involved in the murder of George Floyd are finally being dealt with, but how many more of those cases do we have to see before we say enough is enough? How many of these cases go unfilmed?

We wonder why we often see our black brothers and sisters yelling "fuck 12" or "fuck the police". It's because the police have done nothing but historically – and presently – fuck them in the ass. It's time to realize that one bad cop can turn a whole unit of cops bad if the good cops choose to stay silent. There needs to be a revolution and that's what we're seeing now. Except now, it's not just blacks that are tired. We have black, white, and brown brothers and sisters arm in arm ready to tackle this systemic racism.

You're lucky that blacks want equality and not revenge. All blacks want is to be treated as human beings. Is that too much to ask for? We shouldn't allow for generational racism to pursue. It's sad going to protests and seeing people that could be my grandparents still fighting for their rights. Even worse, black youth headed towards the same path is saddening and wrong. It's time to put a stop to it.

Blacks have helped build this country just as much as any white person has. So if one black person, let alone all 50 states of various colors, including white, have the need to voice their concern about the current police and justice system, then so fucking be it. Just understand that when history reflects on this time, you thought it was a joke for the oppressed to speak out. While all lives do matter, for a lot, black lives don't. This is bigger than any political party. It's not a right or left issue, but rather a human one.

Let's be on the right side of history and acknowledge that right now our black brothers and sisters are still bleeding. I'm not black, but these are my people. We should also be standing up for the lives that are being lost in Palestine and Kashmir. As of right now all we can do is protest and collectively use our voices to bully politicians and vote. Pinning against each other just plays in their favor. The sooner you realize that we are all on the same team, the sooner you will find out who our true enemy is.


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