Don't Put Your PS4 In Rest Mode When Downloading A Disc

May 16, 2020
I was excited to play Red Dead Redemption II until I got fucked by rest mode. Usually, like 9 times out of fucking 10, when you're doing an update or something you put your console in rest mode – it's just the fucking thing you do. Today, it was NOT the thing to do.

5 PM – California, United States

Here I am putting Red Dead Redemption II into my PS4, I'm stoked. I see that the game installation takes like 200 GB (kind of a nail in the dick if you ask me), but I tough it out and hit install. I watch the screen for 2 minutes and go, "fuck it" and put it in Rest Mode expecting it do be done soon.

When your new game takes 8 years to download 😃😃😍😍 ##fml

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8 PM

I'm even more excited, the game should be installed. Little do I know, that was NOT the case at all. I turn on my console all to find out that it was still at 20% complete.

8:02 PM

I'm panicking, what the hell did I do wrong? Like any human, I turn to the one that has all the answers – Google. I search the dark web in hopes of finding an answer to my life and death issue. I come across a YouTube video by DualShockers, he doesn't give me the answer – but someone in the comment section DOES.

This guy says, "don't do what I did, do not put your PS4 in rest mode or you'll be waiting for days". "Holy fuck", I think to myself. I quickly go back to my PS4 to solve the problem.

This time I watch the screen for longer than 5 minutes all to realize that the install is actually moving pretty fucking fast. You should've seen it, it was like the progress bar was Michael Phelps racing to the completion line. I can finally play my game.

I’m ready to play the game now ##hyped

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Long story short (it feels like I typed an essay), have fucking patience.


"Fuck" Word Count: 8

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