I Will..

January 3, 2020
A list of a few goals I have this year. Hell, call it a resolution list, I don't care. You WILL read this list (one of my resolutions is perfecting the Jedi mind trick). Happy New Year.
Call this your stereotypical resolution list if you want, but here are some things I'm planning on doing this year. Only by making this public do I feel like I'll actually conquer this list lol. It's nothing too crazy.

So with that being said, I will..

1) Eat more fruit

2) Workout consistently

3) Get my pointless BA

4) Take more pictures

5) Learn the uke

6) Travel more (outside state)

7) Audition

8) Be less cynical

9) Donate my clothes

10) Read and write more

11) Swim more

12) Not be too emotionally invested in the Dodgers

13) Go camping (like legit camping)

14) Give back

15) Lockdown a good sleep schedule

16) Surf

17) Go to more beaches

18) Eat more pasta

19) Grow out my hair (and stay committed)

20) Be more spiritual

These are completely doable things, right? I hope so. I just wanted to give some insight as to what some of my personal goals were. What are some of your resolutions or goals that you have in mind this year? Let me know!

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